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Veterinary Anesthesia Case Oversight


Certain medical conditions can increase a patient’s anesthetic risk, and sometimes pets don’t undergo medical procedures necessary to ensure their long-term health and well-being because of that risk. Utilizing a PEAK anesthesia technician specialist can help ensure that any given patient receives an optimum level of anesthesia care.


Veterinary Anesthesia Case Oversight

Utilizing one of our anesthesia specialists can provide peace of mind to veterinary professionals and pet owners who are nervous about a pet’s upcoming anesthetic procedure.

Veterinary Anesthesia Case Oversight

For higher-risk patients, those with comorbidities, and/or for those whose owners are concerned about anesthesia risks, a PEAK veterinary anesthesia technician specialist can travel to your practice and provide individualized anesthesia care for that patient under the supervision of that patient’s veterinarian. We utilize the drugs and monitoring equipment available at the facility but can also bring our own suite of advanced monitoring equipment if necessary.

Our anesthesia specialist will perform a thorough pre-anesthesia evaluation, review the patient’s medical history, collaborate with the supervising veterinarian, design a plan tailored to that patient’s specific needs, and care for him or her from premedication through recovery. We will provide a detailed anesthesia record to the practice for inclusion in the patient’s permanent medical record.

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